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Motor Mount


VO6/8 Transport Kit


Two-Piece Oar

VO Anchor Kit


VOM Gear Sack



Additional accessories for your boat include:

VOModular® Battery Box/ Motor Mount - Rugged black HDPE box with wood motor mount. Box has thick wall sections and gussets for strength. Fits all Venture Outdoors Pontoon Boats with lake-style rear cargo rack. The attachment clamp system is quick and easy with a 24" long transom for added strength. Fits all current cargo racks..
Available at: Oregon Fishing

Direct from Manufacturer: $79.99 plus S&H

VO6/8/10 Transport Kit - Dual wheels provide a stable ride for your VOModular 6T, VOLight 8T, or VOLight 10T boat versus single wheel designs. Most of the weight rides on the wheels and the foot rests are used to guide the boat to/from the launching site. The kit can be left installed both in the water and in the vehicle. Axle and connector tubing are aircraft alloy aluminum with hammertone gray finish. Kit includes an extra clevis pin to secure the oar blades together during transport. Older VO6/8 boats can be retrofit to accept the transport kit - contact the manufacturer.

Direct from Manufacturer: $99.99 plus S&H

72" and 84" Two-Piece Oar - Aluminum shaft with unbreakable aluminum connector features a reinforced plastic blade, comfortable molded hand grip and the shaft is sealed for flotation.
Available at:Oregon Fishing

Direct from Manufacturer: 72" - 6' two piece oar (1) $39.99 plus S&H

Direct from Manufacturer: 84" - 7' two piece oar (1) $44.99 plus S&H

VOAnchorKit™ - Rock bag, rope tightener, attach strap, 75' nylon rope. Versatile Design.

Direct from Manufacturer: $39.99 plus S&H

VO Fins - Light, slide-in economical design, secured with rugged buckle strap behind wader boot heel.
Available at: Oregon Fishing

Direct from Manufacturer: $39.99 plus S&H

VOM5 or VOM6 Gear Sack - One pair - unfolds inside the VOM pontoons to keep stowed items from shifting inside the pontoon. (USA)

Direct from Manufacturer: $24.99 plus S&H



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